I Will Drive unlimited targeted traffic to your GIG free for 24 hours


It has become part of me to help my fellow fiverr sellers. I am new here but have been able to make my stand on fiverr. I have attain level 2 already in just 1 month 10 days and maybe FIVERR is waiting for me to clock 2 months before they give me LEVEL TWO SELLER BADGE.

There is no special thing in the services i offer @ fiverr but the only thing i specialize on that makes me ride above my contenders is the ability to drive TARGETED Traffic to my GIG everyday which make me have orders almost everyday. Now, i want to help you guys to do the same thing i do everyday that makes me achieve success here on fiverr… Please note: i need only 1 GIG per username and i will blast targeted traffic to it free of charge for 24 hours. THANKS. YOU can check out my original GIG here=>



Thanks for the offer, details and link for my gig as below,

I will crop image, remove background for $5


can you help me promote my gigs if yes let me know


you mean I didn’t have to buy it, you’re giving it away? - oh well - I’m glad I bought - from 0 to 4.5views and that’s despite the YOU CAN’T SEARCH FOR THIS GIG issue I’m currently having. well done.



plz help me with my gig

happy new year



here is the full link




Hi please give me more traffic to my gig

many thanks



Sounds good! I wanna place an order, but before that I need to know how it works and is it really effective. Just have a look on my gig:



Hi Tracytraffic. I ordered. I provided the link to ONE OF MY GIGS, because the seller instructions said 1) web link. If you think I’d have more success with the user name, feel free to use it. thanks!


Checked out GiG… can you pls promote:

send you a teespring design images ki


Thank you in advance


hello brilliantpebs, we have started working on your order… by now you should have been getting some visitors to your fiverr GIG and you will continue to receive traffic for the next 60 days guaranteed. thanks


@tristanphillips, We have posted your GIG and in short time you will start to receive visitors to your GIG but limited to 24 hours… if you want the full package, kindly go for our Original GIG. Thanks


@tracytraffic Thank you, if this looks good I will get original gig



Need traffic to this gig




Hi! I’d appreciate any help on promoting my gig! It’s http://fiverr.com/shopwithcre

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


you are welcome


@seowhizz, shopwithcre, We have posted your GIG and in short time you will start to receive visitors to your GIG but limited to 24 hours… if you want the full package, kindly go for our Original GIG. Thanks


Hey TracyTraffic, you have a really good service here. I have checked out your gig and I love it, I just need some sales for myself first. Could you kindly promote my gig please? :slight_smile:



Hello I wish to utilize your oney free traffic driving serevice. Here is my fiverr gi

g URL " http://fiverr.com/amudhan/give-you-an-ebook-with-71-raw-food-recipe" Since i am going to redesign my gig at the end of this month, i will be buying your ful package only in the first week of february


WE are working on ALL the gigs above. thanks