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I will earned 1101 Dollar..! But i will get only 785.. Why.?

I will earned 1101 Dollar…!! But i will get only 785… Why.??


Your query is not clear. What do you exactly want to know?


I will earned 1101 Dollar this month. But received Only 785 Dollar…! Why…?

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Does the 1101 count the 20% Fiverr commission? And is it after Payoneer/Paypal and bank fees?


No, Before Payoneer bank fees
I will calculated it… But 30% deducting…!!

It could be that the buyer(s) entered a quantity >1 and the order page isn’t showing it correctly (only showing the amount for 1 ordered?).

You could also check your earnings page. If it doesn’t look right you could contact CS.

How contact CS…?

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i think you will get detected 20% as mentioned, after 14-17 days amount will be added

I don’t know…
I completed totally 1101 Dollars works… But showed Only ‘You will earned 785’…!! I calculated this… answer is 30% deducted…!!

Using the this link: