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I will edit and create any video and add a lot of effects for $5



I will edit your videos with Camtasia Studio 8.2 or I will edit your photo with Photoshop CC. Also , I can make an epic trailer with VISUAL EFFECTS and music with your video!
BONUS ---> If needed , I will filnd a NON-COPYRIGHT music for your video!

I can do professional video editing and post production on films, short clips, music,promotions,commercials, intros, marketing, etc.
The service includes advanced visual and sound effects, amazing fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, cutting & adding music in the right timing, audio sync and many more!

I can output and render in any file format you would like
Keeping the highest possible quality at no extra cost
Express service available

I am using Camtasia Studio 8.
Please note: Video editing is complex, so please take a minute to give me a quick description of what you want, so I can be sure I can do what you need.I'll get back to you quickly and we can get started right away!

Thank you! :-bd


Guys, this is my first gig , so I’d be very grateful if you could give me an advice for how to establish myself in the future! :slight_smile:


Welcome to fiverr!

Use a profile picture of yourself instead of the naked guys.

Target gigs for businesses. They have more money to spend.

Instead of “I will do anything editing video”, Make a gig that provides a certain task that someone would be looking for. One Problem, One Solution!

I started out with audio and video skills like you. I can’t offer everything I do on fiverr. Some of my skills don’t make good gigs. Choose wisely and do things that are simple and that the outcome is very predictable. The customer needs to know what they are getting before you deliver it. That way their expectations are met.

Study your competition. Find the gigs that are working and copy them, but do it your way and better. Offer more for less and faster to get traction in the beginning.

Invest in the first 100 gigs and make sure you get no negative feedback.

This will get you a great start.


Camtasia is no After Effects so I’m wondering what type of effects are you talking about.