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I Will Edit Any Bad Or Broken English In Any Document


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English isn’t always the easiest language to understand. It has a lot of rules and can get complicated quickly, but that’s where I can help. I’m a native English speaker and an English major. Send me any document and I’ll read through it, correcting any of your bad or broken English. I can help you out with anything from casual messages to important business e-mails. If you struggle with English or aren’t confident with your writing, you can rely on me to provide high quality editing.

Basic Package
This package is great for smaller documents such as casual e-mails, social media comments, messages, poems/lyrics, scripts, short stories, and texts. I will edit up to 500 words with this package.

Standard Package
This package works well with more lengthy e-mails, stories, and letters. If you’re sending out a lot of e-mails or letters at work, this package is great for you. I will edit up to 1000 words with this package.

Premium Package
This package best suits long documents and is great for large business papers and letters. This is also appropriate for longer stories. I will edit up to 2000 words.