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I will edit, enhance, restore your audio for $5

I can provide you with a host of services ranging from:

Remove noise from recordings, like reverb, buzzing/humming, sounds.

Remove clicks, pops & crackles from digitally remastered vinyl recordings & tape “hiss” & background noise from digitally remastered cassette recordings (you will have to send me the remastered file, I don’t accept physical recordings).

Remove unwanted words & sounds like “ums”, “yeahs”, coughs, beeps & blips, even complete sentences & topics.

Adjust & level the volume, EQ, bass, treble, mids, compression, etc. of vocals and instrumentals, while not degrading clip gain. & ensuring compliance with international broadcast standards.

Match EQ & ambiance to tracks so they remain consistent throughout

Remove vocals from SOME songs (this isn’t always possible depending on the source file & how it was originally mixed & mastered, I can try but no guarantees).

And much more!

Send me a private message before you start the gig with a copy of the source file you wish for me to edit, enhance, or restore and I will see what I can do & get back to you ASAP!

Basic gig is $5 for 1-5 files 1GB limit each file

*Please note the times of gigs may vary depending on the project.