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I will editing image within 3 hour for $5000

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I like your work. But I think description of the gig not look very good. I’m writing that to help you to get more sales.

So make text more readable and easier to use on this way your potential buyers will read it and not creating messy impression to them.

So try to be shorter and clear about what you offer and also stay ONLINE because that’s important and send request to buyers interested on service that you offer.

I hope that will help you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

As a Buyer/Seller the post title is contradictory…

5K for 3hrs of photo editing?
Then the gig packages says $5, $10, $15.

Like, fo’ realz? :thinking:
Which is it?

For that kind of :moneybag: , I could buy not 1 or 2 but a few pairs of red bottoms (Louboutins) and toss in some Chanel accessories. :shopping:

  1. Your forum post title is wayyyyyy wrong and I sincerely hope you meant $5 as the gig price actually is, not $5,000.

  2. Simply applying an Instagram filter (or rather, “Photoshop” actions/filters, as you have done in your preview images, is not professional photo editing).

  3. The number of images/revisions just doesn’t really make sense, it goes from 2 - 4 - 10, and the price increase is the same for each.

  4. Your gig says high-resolution but neither of the photos in the preview gallery are high-resolution or even close to 4k.

  5. The gig description looks like someone grabbed a glossary of Photoshop terms and simply copied + pasted it into the text box without any real coherent description being given.

TL;DR, I’d suggest doing real professional edits and not just using stock actions and filters. If you truly offer high-resolution edits, show high-resolution edits, not low aspect ratio, 5-second practice examples. The more effort you put into the preview images and being clear with your offer, the more likely you are to get sales.