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I will find the best keywords for you


Just check out my first gig on fiverr :slight_smile: I hope it will be the best keyword research service on fiverr…

24 Hours Delivery - only in this month!


i think people not buy if you doing this forum is discus your problem not promote yourself
good luck for your gig


“My Fiverr Gigs” is the sub-forum to promote yourself. Since you don’t read and can barely write, I suggest you keep your partially-digested opinions to yourself.

Also, your profile is plagiarised. It’s badly written, too. So you didn’t even do well there. You are correct that nobody will buy from MFGs, not really, but nor will you get a gig for correcting the OP. Overall, if someone’s spamming MFGs, leave them be. This is the spam chamber.