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I will find you 3-4 signature fragrances based on your personality

There’s no stronger Déjà vu than that of scent. Your cologne is something people will associate with you, be it a girlfriend, a date, your boss, an interviewer, or even yourself. So it might as well be something unique only to you.

I deliver a 500 word passage about why these fragrances suit you the best and where you should wear them for the best reactions/compliments. If you’d like, I’ll even add a few short stories about the crazy compliments certain fragrances have got me.

I also have immense knowledge of smell-alikes if your budget is limited. I can get you smelling like the $300-400 colognes for just $10-20.

I’ll ask you a few questions about your personality, work/college and hobbies that’ll take 1-2 minutes to answer.

You won’t regret a single penny you spent on this :slight_smile:

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