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I will find you signature colognes or perfumes based on your personality

Still struggling to get a first order. I’m amazing at this job, but nobody is willing to make the first order. Anyone else experience this?

I don’t think people choose cologne or perfume based on their personality. They choose it because they can smell it and it appeals to them. I am not sure why your Gig is necessary. Just being honest here.

Are YOU making these perfumes to send to the clients here? If so, I can see why you would make a Gig for that, but, I can’t imagine someone is going to order your Gig, explain their personality to you in detail so you can tell them what perfume or cologne to go out and try or buy.


I know it sounds like a stupid gig. But I’ve helped 200+ Redditors. They absolutely loved it. Even they thought it was stupid before they started buying it. I just need 1-2 people to experience it so they know I’m good, so I can get a few reviews and ratings.

I didn’t say it sounded stupid - but, unlikely to find an audience here.
Only way you are going to get people to try it here so you can get ratings is to promote yourself outside this site. Perhaps you can guide people from Reddit to Fiverr to buy your Gig if sharing a link over there is not considered spam.
What category did you put yourself under on Fiverr? Could be that potential people that would think your service is useful are not finding you because you are not under a category that would put you in front of the right eyes. Also, are you using the right tags so your Gig can be found?


I think I put it under health and beauty or something of the sort. Do you suggest something else? I already have 300 impressions on it. In just 3 days.

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Anyone else experience this?

I am an Artist at heart and good at what I do. However, being a freelancer taught me that just having an amazing skill set is not enough. A large part of freelancing is actually a form of marketing and customer relations. You need to network and find return customers.

I’m still polishing my first gig and making a video for it before making others but I’m confident that it will work out. I’m learning and applying a lot of lessons from the Fiverr courses, researching what others do and reading articles that share ideas on how to improve your Gig.

I’m amazing at this job, but nobody is willing to make the first order.

Maybe it’s an idea to go through the Fiverr courses and get some inspiration on how other gigs in your category make do? What do they do different and how does that compare to what you are doing now?
You are in a tough category (Lifestyle > Other) with lots of different gigs which makes it easy for people to get distracted by all the miscellaneous things. As such, standing out is going to be tough. It will require a very appealing looking gig, with the right words, formatting and pictures to inspire confidence in your niche market.

You mentioned doing this before on Reddit, maybe you can use that to your advantage? The Fiverr gallery of each category is very hard to stand out from without doing something that Visually catches someone’s attention from among the masses.

That said tough a fun yet professional image or photo that catches the attention and highlights your gig should go a long way. Perhaps elaborating a little on your process in further slides or your description will help?