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I will find your lucky gemstones with vedic astrology and unlock your fate with planetary energies


Vedic Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest writings can be found in the Vedas - the ancient spiritual texts of the Indians and the oldest books in existence, written 5,000 - 80,000 years ago. Its Indian name is Jyotish, which means “science of light” because it is the science of observing the celestial bodies that reflect their energy and light upon the Earth, therefore influencing the course of human events. Next time when you order an Astrology Reading, ONLY go for the Vedic. Western Astrology is inaccurate by a WHOLE sign as compared to Vedic Astrology and hence inaccurate for doing any serious/detailed readings.Furthemore, Vedic Astrology has far more advanced features and applications then Western Astrology.

I will find your lucky gemstones with Vedic Astrology at the speed of light. Through this service, You can know your lucky gemstones for Career, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Marriage, Inheritance, Lawsuits, Lottery, Betting, Spiritual Growth and practically any other matter of your life. You can avail this service now by requesting me for a Custom offer.

A partial list of my custom reports (available as custom offers):

1- Career

2- Marital Life

3- Love Life

4- Health & Well being

5- Finance & Wealth

6- Progeny & their Well being

7- Property, Inheritance, Investments

8- Personality, Character

9- Remedies & Gemstones

10- Astro Diet and Nutrition Recommendations

11- Spiritual Healing

12- Destiny, Luck, Fortune

13- Relationships

14- Parents

15- Siblings

16- Death

17- Psychological Healing

18- Sexuality

19- Litigation, Lawsuits and Enemies

20- Black Magic/Evil Eye

21- Your Lucky Name, Number and Dates

22- Astrological Mantras and Yantras

23- Saturn Return Period (Sade Sati Analysis)

24- Past Life

25- Karmic Debt & Curses

26- Reincarnation

27- Moksha (Final Liberation from Birth and Rebirth)

28- Mangal Dosha / Manglik Effect (Malefic Mars Effect)

29- Muhurta: Finding Appropriate time to do anything in life.

30- Prashna / Horary Astrology Service.

31- Relocation, Immigration & Travel Abroad

32- Primary & Higher Education

33- Talents & Creativity

34- Business & Partnership

35- Government Service

36- Charity & Humanitarian Work

37- Politics

39- Spiritual Progress

40- Extremely Powerful Spells

For a custom report message me now and request for a Custom offer.

The Vedic system applies the real position of the planets used by astronomers against the background of certain fixed stars (or unchanging from our perspective). It is called the “sidereal zodiac”. Hence, in the past the term Astronomy covered astrology as well as the study of the physical heavens.

Western astrology is based on the orientation of the Earth to the Sun, and applies the “Tropical zodiac”. It is inaccurate by a WHOLE sign as compared to Vedic Astrology and hence inaccurate for doing any serious detailed readings. Furthemore, Vedic Astrology has far more advanced features and applications then Western Astrology.

Lots of Light and Love,

Farid Jilani

You can contact me to find an auspicious gemstones, according to principles of Vedic Astrology for your unique birth charts, after a thorough analysis. Message me now for a custom offer.

Make your Wishes come true by Wearing the right Gemstone! Contact me now for a unique Gemstone Recommendation, on the basis of Your wish and Vedic Astrological Charts. Many Thanks.

An Astrological Word of Caution for those thinking of Wearing Planetary Gemstones:

One should not wear Red Coral, Pearl, Moonstone and Ruby along with the Diamonds and White Sapphires unless specifically recommended by an expert astrologer.

Do not wear a diamond with red dots/red inclusions. Such diamonds are dangerous and can cause severe health and personal problems including death. Get your diamond examined by a competent gemologist and astrologer before you wear a diamond. Such diamonds also known as Raktamukhi can cause irreparable damage.

I can guide you with regards to your Auspicious Gemstones:

  • As per your Sun Sign
  • As per your Ascendant Sign
  • As per your Moon Sign
  • As per your Current Planetary Time Cycle
  • As per your Birth Nakshatra / Constellation
  • As per your full Name
  • As per your particular Wish
  • As per your Medical, Financial or Relationship Problem

Contact me now to arrange a detailed reading according to Professional standards. Looking forward to serve you the best. Only serious Serious queries, No Time Wasters, Please.

Many Thanks,
Farid Jilani

For Chakra Healing and Clearing through Gemstones and Mantras, You can order a custom Chakra Healing and Clearing Package from me. Message me Now for further details. Heal your Chakras and become a more positive and successful person in life!

Get Yourself Healed and Your Chakras Cleared with Vedic Astrology and Mysticism.

Contact me now for further details.

Your Lucky Gemstones are the Shortcut Healing Alternative to a long painful Karmic Journey. Do not be fooled by amateur astrologers and wear gemstones that would end up harming you rather then healing you. Contact me now for a most advanced Gemstone Report.

My Unique Gemstone Therapy with Vedic Astrology has healed thousands of people by now. You can order your Custom Report now by consulting me through a private message. Many Thanks. Looking forward to serve you the best.

The Right Gemstone is not the one which is recommended by an Amateur “Me 2 Astrologer” on the basis of your Sun, Moon or Ascendant Sign! On the contrary the RIGHT GEMSTONE is that which has been selected for you after careful analysis of dozens of factors present in your Vedic Birth Charts. Only such a gemstone can be qualified as a PERFECT GEMSTONE TO WEAR for auspicious results. In order to know your PERFECT GEMSTONE along with a complete technical report, demonstrating the Astrological proofs behind it, contact me now for a MOST PROFESSIONAL and ADVANCED Vedic Gemstone Analysis. I will prepare a custom offer for your particular needs and bless you with a secret Mantra to energize your particular gemstone as well.

Many Thanks,
Farid Jilani

The Perfect Gemstone is that which is Perfectly in Tune with each and every astrological Factor in your Birth and Divisional Charts as per Vedic Astrology. Find out the PERFECT Planetary gemstone selected for your particular objective with the very best in Vedic Astrology

Find the Best Gemstone to Create Peace Harmony and Love in Your Life with Vedic Astrology. I am offering this service as a custom offer to anyone who wishes inner harmony in their life. Contact me now for further details.

I will also tell you the secret mantra based on your birth charts, to activate the healing powers of your planetary gemstone. Without this, wearing a gemstone is useless. Amateur astrologers are not aware of this and this why their clients almost never benefit from wearing gemstones. Contact me now for a reading and pricing details.

It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens.

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