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I Will Fix 1 Wordpress Issue

This gig is designed for a variety of situations- primarily though, if you find yourself banging your head against your desk, I can help.

From small bugs to complex issues/website crashes, I can help you get your site running smoothly again.

Before continuing, click here and read my reviews!

What This Gig Is For:

  1. I have fixed thousands of Wordpress issues over the past 8 years. Chances are, I have already seen a Wordpress issue like yours and can help. This Gig is for me to diagnose your WP issue and fix it.

  2. Most Wordpress issues fall under the $40 fix, but before purchasing, please contact me and let me know what issues you are facing first. I will take a quick look to make sure it is something I can quickly fix.

  3. In terms of level of Wordpress, PHP, developer-level knowledge - I am the guy that fixes broken websites alllllllll the time… I am the developer that other developers come to. I am your Wordpress issue’s worst nightmare.

On that note, please contact me before ordering and let me know how I can help!


Charles :slight_smile: