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I Will Fix Auto Redirect Issue, Clean Malware And Remove Virus


Has your Wordpress blog been hacked? & your hosting provider suspended your hosting account due to malware attack?

It becomes a common issue to get hacked. Sometimes hackers Put the script into victims site to gain traffic.

I will settle your hacked WordPress site or hacked WordPress blog and secure in under 10 hours.

Fixing Hacked Website And remove Malware:

  • I will fix hacked WordPress websites.

  • I will scan and remove all malware or malicious codes

  • I will remove “This site may be hacked” message from google search engine

  • I will remove malware notification from google search engine

  • I will fix the auto redirect issue

  • I will settle site Phishing notice

Fixing Hacked Website And remove Malware

1 Domain = 10$

Have any Question feel free to message me.
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