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I will format your book cover under createspace requirements for $5

I will format your ebook cover under createspace requirements for a print cover. I will send you your file in PDF making it easy for you to upload through the PDF link on CS.
Note: this gig includes one edit, due to my mistake, or one edit due to yours. Any additional edits will cost extra (see extras)
Add express delivery and have your print cover done within the hour. (message me first for availability)
1) Standard gig will get you a basic back cover and spine with matching colors to your original front cover (1 fix)
2) Elaborate extra will get you images and detail that will match your front cover.(2 modifications)
3) PSD extra- I will send you the psd (photoshop file) of your PCover and include 3 fixes.
4) Package extra- Includes, PDF, Jpeg, 3D image, PSD w/ 5 future edits, and a Elaborate Back cover.