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I Will Format Your Microsoft Word eBook Into A Professionally Awesome-looking eBook


Hello there! Thank you very much for reading this thread/discussion.

As the title above states, in this gig (click on my username to find it) I will take your written Microsoft Word eBook, and with the power of formatting skills, I will make it look amazingly professional and just raw awesome-looking!

I also recommend you get my Extra Gigs where I will take the very same eBook and format it to Kindle and ePub as more and more people are discovering the convenience and pleasure of iPads and similar touch-devices and being able to have all your e-books at your fingertips just makes the experience even more better!

So, you DEFINITIVELY want to make sure all your eBooks are in Kindle and ePub formats and not just DOC and PDF (which is what I offer inside my gig).

In conclusion, click on my username, find my eBook-gig, count your pages (50 pages per gig) and order the gig! And if you want to distribute your eBook more, make sure then you also get my Extra Gigs (Kindle and ePub formatting).

Order now (click on my username to find the gig) and you will be on your way to get your eBook formatted into an awesome-looking and professionally-looking eBook within 24-72 hours! ^^,

Catch ya laters all awesome fiverrs who provide awesome gigs to awesome prices!! :wink:

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.


Thanks for sharing the information with us. I am a newbie here and I used to manipulate WORD ebooks with the help of a 3rd party WORD SDK, it also offers some basic processing functions. I think using a fine tool can make all the process much more convenient, right?


well, dear, as to your problem, I’m using such one easy-to-use tool like XFlip word to ebook program that could help you to convert ms word document files to flah-based ebook easily! It’s really very helpful, just have a try!