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I will generate customers through my professional sales copy!

I’m going to make you a lot of money.

Let me say that again:
I’m going to make you a lot of money.

As important as creating a product is, what good will it be if no-one knows about it?
Exactly, it would be useless.

This is where I come in!
As a professional copywriter, it is my mission to generate a lot of sales for you by grabbing the attention of potential customers, using a super-effective strategy that has helped so many people before!

Marketing is arguably the most important thing when publishing a product and a lot can go wrong if you approach it with little to no experience…

Lucky for you, I am an expert in marketing your product through a copy, a sales-letter. You can potentially save thousands of dollars by letting a professional handle the marketing aspect because I’m gonna get it right the first time!

And be assured that this is not a cost. You are not purchasing a service here… You are making an investment because after you publish the ad, you will make your money back

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You can’t make promises like that.

You have no idea if you can make someone a lot of money. That also depends on a lot of factors outside of your control.

Don’t exaggerate and lie to get sales. It won’t work and you’ll just deceive people.

This is not the way to build credibility.


Stop posting your ads here. This is not the right place for promoting yourself. Don’t do this again.

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About the My Fiverr Gigs category

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This category is for advertising Fiverr Gigs. It is not for advertising anything but Fiverr Gigs.


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You can show your gig. If you have any problem. But did you see this seller using the rubbish title. This is not right.

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Not true, so please stop it.

Suggest you use the search bar and find out what is allowed and where it is allowed to be posted.


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“Ton of Money” has not been exactly defined here. A ton of money could mean anything that promised a return in investment.
If my gig costs 5 dollars and the person who publishes my copy spends 50 dollars on a small facebook ad (providing that the ad has targeted the right audience), a return in investment can be accomplished relatively easy. That is nothing new, which is why a promise like that is justified. I’ve done it before, afterall

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This is the right category for advertising fiverr gigs

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My title should appeal to customers and not to other sellers. I recommend “the Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert W Bly. It talks about how to create titles like these


Well you can’t promise any of that either and no one reads “a ton of money” that way…

People make decisions based on claims that are defined and corroborated. No professional will take a “ton of money” seriously.

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Good point. It is the customers who buy the products who (mostly) make their decision based on emotion.

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Oh okay man. But your title was attractive and when i read the topic. I didn’t find anything where can make huge money bro.

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Yeah, it was my bad. No worries, bro
Won’t happen again


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