I Will Get Free Domain Name For Your Website And Free Hosting


Hello, I am Jakir,
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Let me know If you’ve any question before placing an order, I will be happy to answer.https://www.fiverr.com/jakirhussain2/get-free-domain-name-for-your-website-and-free-hosting


What’s the catch? I see lots of FREE and my too good to be true alert siren is blearing.

If there isn’t a catch, be aware that people are going to be suspicious about your gig until you make it sound less: "All of this and more FREE!!!"


Let’s make an order and see where it takes us :smiley:
What’s not to like

  • everything is FREEEEEEE!
  • you have no idea where your site will be or who has access
  • you get 1 year support meaning you don’t have to accept the order until Nov 2019


anyone can get free domain and hosting even unlimited plugins not a big deal at all


I suppose if you don’t care about the quality then you’re right.