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I will get the cheapest thing possible! I must!


Buyer asks for a quote for a video which I don’t offer on Fiverr but can put together. They want a mix of videography and animations and I quote a very reasonable $150 for 1-minute (possibly 1 min 30 seconds) of material.

This price reflects:

  • A portion of my $100 per month licence fees for some of the software I use (software not video templates)
  • Probably an entire day of work just spent on the animation side of things
  • Me sourcing 2 - 3 free or $10 max contextually relevant stock video footage files
  • Me editing all work together, probably doing a bit extra like removing backgrounds from the buyer’s logos, adding a soundtrack, and rendering the finished product into an HD .mp4 file.


I see you have a gig where you do copywriting and video for $30?


I’m sorry, but that’s nothing like the same thing, I can’t help you with this if that is your budget for this project, sorry.

Buyer (24-hours later):

I’ve been talking to my team and we are not sure we need a full minute video. We’re going to place an order with you for your about us page video and writing gig that’s $25 and WE will send the script so you don’t need to worry about that side of things. :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any more info.


No response.

I immediately delete 3 gigs, raise the prices on a couple of others and only after this is done reiterate to the buyer that I can not help them in any way and because of this, I will be forced to cancel any order they do place.




Trust me, I feel exactly the same way.


Yes me too. Same sort of things.

Yesterday someone said they want the very best I can possibly do. So I sent an appropriate order. That was much too much! They want to spend $10.

Another said they will pay $100 for everything and since I wasn’t busy I agreed IF they would do it last night but then no they will think about it.


Explain this to me. This doesn’t adversely affect you in any way?


No, I’ve 2 x explainer video gigs. Both these are priced extremely reasonably. The three gigs deleted are:

  • A tip gig
  • An 'I will make this exact app video gig
  • A writing gig where I can also include social media posts, images, and a basic 10-second - 30-second video for use on web pages and social media pages for SEO purposes.

All three of the above gigs regularly get people trying to order asking for a full custom promo video. It’s just not worth my time.

When high stress = not even enough to cover the cost of a jar of coffee and a pouch of tobacco, the source of the high stress needs to be taken out and shot.

Besides, I had 15 gigs and needed to get this down to 11 to meet the requirements for level 1 sellers after reviewageddon in the new year. In this case, it needed to be done anyway.