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Buying subscribers is against Youtube TOS.


It is also against the new Fiverr seller’s policy


I need an advice from you,I will really appreciate if you can help me.
I am also trying to creat a gig on fiverr for YouTube Subscribers but every time I Creat, the gig get removed by fiverr team. I have tried 2-3 different concepts to Creat the gig but every time it get removed.
Can you please help me & suggest me what should I do so that my gig do not get removed.
I will really appreciate if you may help me.

Thanks & Regards


Did you not read Fiverr’s TOS?[quote=“miroslavglavic, post:2, topic:116404, full:true”]
Buying subscribers is against Youtube TOS.

Your gig will be denied and more importantly if you keep on creating a gig that gets denied your account can be suspended. or worse.