I will give Facebook Group Poster On Autopilot Software for $5



We have the following softwares:

  1. Facebook Group Poster Software

    Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv6ylp-M6T4
  2. Facebook Page Commenter:

    Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVUD5YXsa7U

    This software MUST Generate Traffic and boost more sales to your product. Currently the best way to generate traffic.

    This Software is a New Version with better features.

    -Post in Unlimited groups

    -Incognito- No one will ever know you’re using a program, Not even Facebook

    -Post images(Yes…even in groups!)

    -Runs smooth and effortlessly in the background while your even asleep

    -Automatic private message sending

    -Automatic group posting

    -Posting Scheduler

    -Easy management of multiple faccounts

    -Get hundreds to thousands vistors daily

    -Auto post content to targeted Facebook groups that fit your niche!

    -No 3rd party Captcha bypass service required!

    -No web proxy software needed!

    -Post daily to the most trafficked social network on the web today!

    -Set it up in minutes and press the play button!

    -No Facebook Jail. **Post to hundreds of groups daily!

    -No Monthly fees


Still available?


Reply to @therealbzuz: yeah! I’m Selling too its Availible…

Please! Place your order here:



Hey want to know if you still have that facebook group software please for $5