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I will give music with health and wealth


I will give you health & wealth !

I give you mp3 and a photo of above!

In this gig contains a set of very powerful gatha.

During the era of King Dutugamunu this gatha was being recited for the safety.

This gatha yantraya was hidden in the king’s hair which had protected him.

By reciting this gatha you can approach the success in your day to day activities.

Always recite the word of Lord Buddha and live your life according to that may your life prospers with success and good health.

May the world will be filled with kindness and may all live as one in understanding each other. May the blessings of all of Lord Buddha be with you always

Every morning listen to this Gtha(.mp3) and put this photo in your wallet and past in your home !

May triple Gem blessed you !


Spam is bad karma, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


i am trying to give good thing .Is it bad? The method i use is fiverr unless in every bookshop you can buy this mp3 and photo! it is normal thing !


I was partly kidding but since you replied I will explain. It is against the forum Do’s and Don’ts to advertise in any forum space except the area called My Fiverr Gigs. You can edit your posts and move them to the right forum if you wish.


Ok der.i will delete my gig.Thank you for your commentsi am new ti fiverr,i did not read dos and donts yet.Thank you for everything again !


Reply to @sulakshini: No problem. You can’t delete posts but you can move them where people will still see them. You definitely don’t need to delete gigs. Good luck!

Edit: I see you got them moved. Nice!


Ok dear.Thank you all.Happy to see your comments since i am new to fiverr. Nice to see you guys who help me !