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I will give you 1,000 high quality Instagram likes!


Hi! For just 5$, I will get your instagram photo 1,000 high quality likes! In addition, I can also provide more than 1,000, I will include some pretty cheap extras for those.

So, why do you need this service?

Lets face it, all customers want social proof. If you have over hundreds of people enjoying your pictures and following your Instagram profile, then more prospects are going to trust and follow you as well. If you only receive 10-50 likes per picture as a business owner, potential customers may be more hesitant than if you were receiving 100-150 of them, let alone if you would receive 1,000s!

The benefits of this service

Social Proof

Respect from peers

Increased revenue as an effect

You will never lose the likes!

Please note: If you order more than 1,000, I can spread them among different pictures/videos.

Worried about your account being banned?

This service has been tried and tested and I can assure you, you nor your account are not in danger and will NOT be banned for using this service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you.