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Reply to @likec0mmentpro: very helpful tip indeed!

i have some softwares with serial keys. i want to sell them at low costs.

if anyone interested in kindly contact me.

Famous ones: Microsoft 2010, 2013 , Window 8.1, Graphics Software etc.

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Reply to @dionisaras: Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks!!!

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Reply to @likec0mmentpro: Hey there. Even though you are in the correct category, a whole string of promotions posts is getting pretty spammy. Perhaps tone that down a bit for future posting. :wink:

Reply to @zaibbb: You aren’t doing this through Fiverr since you don’t have any gigs up, and I am pretty sure that you cannot re-sell most Microsoft software with the keys unless you are a licensed re-seller. I’m not positive on that part, but either way, it is against the rules to promote off-Fiverr merchandise through the Fiverr forums.

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