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I will give you a Full and Extensive Course in Forex trading for $5

This course gives you 7 lessons in how to trade successfully without the use of brokers or very expensive courses. 1st Lesson for Free!!!

It teaches you how to read the patterns, when to avoid to enter a trade, how to play it safe and manage your account.

1 - The Base

Basic Market Overview

Basic definitions

Trend trade explained

How other traders approach the markets?

What makes markets move?

2 - Philosophy of trading and the maths

Philosophy of trend trading


Mathematics & Techniques

3 - Positioning

Position Sizing

RV - Technical analysis RV

RV in Mathematical Terms

4 - External Portfolio

RV - External Portfolio Exposure Levels

First part of course summary

5 - When and how to enter


Important Rules

Buying or Selling? Both!

6 - Exit

Exit Techniques

Which Exits when in Porfit for EWT and SMS

Psychologic Liquidation

Trend Size

Adjusting trading based on Changing Markets


7 - Application


The Most Favorable Markets Historically

Worst Markets to Trade

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Note: Buying 1 Gig will just give you 1 lesson, please let us know in which lesson you are.