I will give you a personalized, detailed psychic reading


Hello Fiverr!
I have been able to read people for as long as I can remember. When I was in early adulthood I had a breakthrough with my abilities. I felt an urge to tell a woman that her son was going to be OK. I knew nothing about the woman, but she then revealed to me that she had lymphoma and her son was going through a divorce and she’d been extremely worried about him. I knew I had something special at that moment.
I leave my spirit channel open during a session with a client and by using only light energy (non-dark or demonic) I allow their spirit guides and my spirit guides to communicate with me. Anything I feel I will relay to a client. I am able to get answers for specific questions, and any questions I’m not able to get answers for due to spirit not communicating I will give the client as much information as I could get and let them ask another question.
I feel like this has been a calling for me. After years of trying to ignore spirit, I’ve come to embrace it as part of my life and use my gift to help as many people as I can.
I currently offer two gigs. One in which I can read a photo of you and I let the spirit give me details about your future, and another in which I allow clients to ask questions they have and I channel spirit to provide an answer.
I understand the skepticism behind this, so if you have any other questions of would like proof that I’m the real-deal before you buy just shoot me a message to talk and get some proof.

Here are the links to my gigs:
Personalized Psychic Reading
Photo Reading

I look forward to hearing from you,


Sorry, but the chances that somebody has a son and that he has some sort of troubled times are quite binary.


Not really. I felt extremely drawn to this woman and compelled to help her. If you’re such a skeptic why don’t you message me and I bet I can tell you something noone else can. Or keep steppin.


Does this gig come with free samples?


Yes, I can give you one free sample so you know I’m legitimate.