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Can you tell me what kind of software this is? I am not familiar with all this and am in search of an all inclusive tool to auto post to craigslist and other seller sites along with maintain and automate social media. I would even be interested in someone running a campaign for me if the price is right. ANy ideas?


Here is a great Craigslist Auto Posting software tool you can use to help keep your campaigns posting to Craigslist. The automation and ease of use is great, I would highly recommend using their free trial and see for yourself. http://www.bighelpdesk.com/CLAutoPost.aspx


still using this software? do you provide the posting? i have a mac so cant download any of these


Hey, you can go for other softwares like Craigslist Auto Poster, CL AD Blaster, etc. They are much more effective and efficient. I would suggest you to read about them and then choose what would be perfect for you.


How many ad i can post each days?
I would like post all of cities in US each day. Does your software handle that?
how many CL account I need?
any demo video?
how can I pay you $5? give me link?


That account doesn’t exist anymore and you can guess why :slight_smile:
You get to keep your $5. Next time think before you get excited about “MAKE MONEY without working” gigs.
Otherwise you might not be so lucky the next time :wink:


my gm…ail shorif71…gmail contact me need software