I will give you facebook marketing automation software for $5


I will give you give you facebook marketing automation software to automate all your facebook activities

FB autoposter software: THIS IS NOT OCOMMUNITY SUITE OR OTHER CRAPS TOOLS. Forget about being banned from facebook anymore.


*It can Blast to unlimited groups

*It can be used to post on any fanpages

*The software itself will clone your acct and manage it like fb itself

*Abilty to search for pple who are in your gig niche and so send your message to them very easily

*It can auto join groups(Say goodbye to getting banned)

*It can search for group in the niche you want

*It can auto like and auto post to fanpages

*You can run a campaign on it

*You can choose country and target specific country

*It can auto post on peoples profile

*It prevent you from getting banned

*It is very fast

*It is a paid software


Are you still offering this ?


Yes ma, this service is till available it cost $10 now.


works with win 10?


Hello I saw your message about the Facebook Marketing automation tool you are offering for $10 is it still available when do I get it?? Also kindly send me a few screen shots so that I see what your offering. I wait for your response

Thanks and Kind regards.


hello. please give me your contact information. i want to buy this bot


This bot is no longer available for sale, thanks


Please can you get this Software for me even though is more than $10 dollars I will pay