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I will give you insight by reading Tarot Cards

You are purchasing a 3 card tarot reading for a single question. All my readings are personalized for you and your situation.

I will read for you using my "Traffic Light Spread"

In this spread, you give me your question, and I will tell you:

What you should do

What you shouldn’t do


Things to look out for

Upon purchasing I’ll need you to send me your question. Within 72 hours, I will email you a PDF attachment of your reading with a photo of the cards included for reference.

::Code of Ethics::

You will be treated with the utmost respect, and I will not judge you for your situation. All readings and private information are kept 100% confidential.

I will not read on legal matters, healthcare matters, or important financial decisions as I am not a professional in these fields.

I will not read for a third party that isn’t yourself. People may be a part of your reading, but please make sure the focus of the question is yourself.

The future isn’t set in stone, and my readings are to be used as guidance to make the future work for you. I am a believer in free will.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.