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I will give you Men Fitness 10 weeks body plan and workout for $5

Dear in the first part and it’s about what you can leam from me to be stronger , how it works , traininf tips and trakings progress . Also you will Learn about Nutrition EATING FOR MUSCLE SUPPLEMENT GUIDE MEAL PLANS EASY TO FOLLOW BULLKING RECIPES SHOPPING AND COOKING TIPS that’s not all you know more about the WORKOUTS i will give you all the exercise routines you will need to pack on muscle over 10 weeks including clear from guide tried and tested tips and shots of sam demonstrating evey move and also FINISHING TOUCHES Photoshoot pro tips staying in shapr exercise glossary About the second Guide it’s about complete guide to building muscle, losing fat and feeling great. There are sections on key exercises, abs moves, fat loss, training and nutrition. You can also follow the workout plans of top sportsmen or you can use the six-month programme to get into the shape of your life. It’s suitable for those who are new to fitness as well as more experienced exercisers.