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I will give you personalized advice on how to pick up girls

I have been in the game for quite some time. I don’t want to sound haughty, but I know every trick in the book in terms of picking up girls. I’ve read every book from the Magic Bullet to Day Bang and I have perfected them and have some real life insight from practice. I have published books on this topic of PUA (Pick Up Artists), so you know, I know my stuff.

I charge much much more for in person consultation and training, (granted it is much more intensive) but I am a fan of fiverr and think of it as me giving back to the community.

Buy the $5 gig and tell me what you want to know. You want to learn how to approach girls? Or get over that anxiety from approaching girls? You want to know how to keep girls engaged? Maybe you have a specific girl in mind you want to seduce? I’ll provide give you written consultation minimum most likely 300 word count. Try to be as specific as possible though so I can give you actual effective advice. Too many variables if its too vague.

Send me a pm if you have something specific in this field, but not really this service. We can discuss and see if I can help you.


Here is the link to the gig