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I will give you stumbleupons


After successfully advertising on my website, now i am running an official stumble upon advertisement campaign.

"" you will get only 20 stumbles for $5""

I will sponsor your website on stumble upon for 100 times through a paid discovery on stumble upon


Delivery time is 7 days because stumble upon accepts new campaign in a day or two after review and after transfer of funds.


I will officially sponsor your website keep in touch with me, i will be giving you stumble upon paid reports weekly. So that, you are satisfied that your link has been sponsored.

[ Read out the gig carefully ]


actually i tried to put 3 offers in a single gig… 20 stumbles, 50 stumbles, and 100 stumbles… for basic $5 it is 20 stumbles. i added if you want to expect good traffic a minimum of $25 would bring desire results.


Reply to @madmoo: thanks … i wasnt aware of it. your comment taught me.