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I will handwrite 5 plus 1 letters

Hello all

Very happy to announce that I start offering my handwriting services here on Fiverr. Unfortunately only one buyer so far of my favorite gig :slight_smile: Hopefully this forum post will help me to increase my views and sales.

I see my perfect buyer for example in Real Estate Agent, or Marketing agent. Sending handwritten marketing letters those days is new and interesting concept. This concept is actually working marketing strategy, and is effective as never before. Simple fact is: We found promotional emails and spam in our inbox every day, and we don’t even pay attention to it. It is same with the printed letters that we are receiving in our mail boxes.

But if we see handwritten letter to our mailbox, our curiosity will increase, we will find our selves reading that letter in a minute. It is very rare to see handwritten letter those days. We will be happy to read it. And that is all that marketing agent would want from one promotional letter, to catch readers attention. Handwritten letter will definitely do that. Even more, handwritten letter will add more personal touch and gesture.

If You are looking for handwritten letters as part of Your marketing campaign, or different occasion, my gig is the right for You.

If You have some comment, compliment, critique or some tip how to become successful, or what is wrong with my gig, or how to improve, or You are satisfied with my service, don’t hesitate to put comment. I will highly appreciate it.