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I will have 2 professional editors edit, format and improve your CV / Resume fr $5


★ AVG. DELIVERY IN 10 HOURS ★ AVG. OF 250+ CHANGES PER RESUME ★ WE WILL ALSO SEND YOU AN OUTSTANDING COVER LETTER TEMPLATE AND STEP BY STEP GUIDE ★ WE DO NOT GEAR RESUMES TO A SPECIFIC JOB POSITION ★ WE DO NOT CREATE OR WRITE NEW CONTENT ★ I have a team of professional editors that specialize in resume editing and improvement. I will have two professionals completely edit the English in your resume and significantly improve its formatting. They will also give you professional comments, tips and advice, on how to further improve your resume in order to make it truly stand out from the rest. You will receive your resume within 24 hours; this is the fastest resume editing gig on Fiverr!

IMPORTANT: If the CV / Resume has over 500 words, please order this gig TWICE.

Here is the link:


I wanted to offer a gig that did all the work needed for a resume as well. How are you paying the two resume editors and still making any money?

After working the numbers, I decided I could only offer expert advice to people, detailing exactly how they need to edit their resume to make it stand out.

My gig is here:

Please let me know how you are affording editors to do the resume entirely. I’d really like to know.