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I will hear your sad stories and give you sympathy!

Here’s my completely unique gig. If you’re depressed or sad for whatever reason then I’m there to help you for 5$. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


LOL…you are a funny guy :slight_smile:


Please review my gig.

Bhai, I will offer you quality advice for free, but you will have to wait till May, really busy till then. May first week I will look at all of your gigs and tell you where and how to improve. Don’t worry.

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In fact, from May onwards I will become the next @blaisefaint of Fiverr forum.

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Great idea for the unique services, what category are you in ? :sunglasses:

For this gig it’s relationship advise category haha.

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Haha! So creative.

By the way, just a heads up, looks like one of your gigs got a bug (I noticed the difference info)? I pointed the errors with the red circle.

that’s actually most distinguished type of gig. Best of luck for your work!

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I noticed it. Happened with most of my gigs. I’m waiting for it to resolve by itself or tell me if you’ve any solution.

I dunno man. I have no solution, sorry. But I saw your other gigs look normal.

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You learned digital marketing without joining any institute. (You have written that on your profile) I think its best removing that statement. Why? Will your clients believe your professionalism? May be or may be not.

No sir I didn’t join any institute. I took some courses on Udemy and Coursera. The Coursera course was taught by professors from Northwestern University. I learned rest stuff from here and applying what I learned on different projects. Though I don’t have enough motivation to start digital marketing gig and anyways I got a job and I quit Fiverr. It was just for some knowledge and fun.