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I will help choose the right breed of dog for your lifestyle

So, you are thinking about getting a dog are you? Well let me just tell you from experience, there are hundreds of breeds of dog and not every breed is for everyone. I can help advise you on which breed of dog would be more suited to you and/or your family. I can also tell you based on your lifestyle/ needs if you are better off buying a purebred from a breeder or adopting an older dog from a shelter. Dogs can be used for many things, whether you are looking for a jogging partner, a hunting partner, a working dog, or just the perfect companion. When choosing a dog from a litter of pups I can guide you on what to look for in your new friend. I can also tell you if you are more suited to pet that is not a dog.

I have an extensive knowledge about dogs and other animals. I have two rescue dogs currently, have volunteered at animal shelters, and worked in three kennels with dogs of every size, shape, and temperament.