I will help new sellers to get them there first sale or to improve there gigs


If you want your gigs to be improved or need any suggestions then comment below
I will surely help you
I will help only new sellers


I’m new to fiverr and i have zero sales, I don’t even know how the delivery works because i don’t have buyers. What should i sell? please help me, I really need the money please :frowning:


Your gig image is not attractive and your gig description is also not clear
Sell the gigs in which you can give your 100%


Chechk my Halloween and Background remove gigs.Thanks ^.^


Gig description is good , but the gig images is not attractive


Hi rajat11,

Please Help me with my Gig


I have seen your gigs the gig images of business card is not attractive and there are lot of grammatical errors in that


hi… please check my gigs and profile.


Hi I have checked your profile and gigs in your profile there are many spelling mistakes like especially and grammatical mistakes also
I hope you will follow my advice and correct them asap


check my gigs please .


This forum topic is only for new sellers


hi i need a serous help please help me to sell my first gig and thanks


HI rajat11!!
Please check my gigs and Profile and help me Improving it…Thanks



Can you give some good advice on my Gig? Would you buy my Gig if you were interested?




would it be possible to check my gigs and profile too.


Please check my gig and say how i can improve it.


hi gig images need to be attractive and gig description is also not very clear


hi n_shah I have seen your one gig and I found many grammatical mistakes in that , correct them asap


hello joe gig description is nice but please add some more attractive images in your gig
No I dont want to buy your gig


add your profile picture which give more confidence to buyer
Gig description is very less so improve these 2 things