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I will help you become wealthy

I advised many entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies, including award winning fashion brands and media outlets. My work gave me the opportunity to reach out to many successful entrepreneurs, including names like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Guy Kawasaki.

For 5$, I will send you a compressed and summarized business kit that will contain the following information:

  1. Legit online articles. This list gives you legit ways to make money online. You can get paid to watch videos, search on Google, write, create videos, make clips and much more.
  • Most “earn cash from home” ads are cons. Yet if you have a computer or a smartphone, there’s a lots of ways to earn money.
  1. Startup Kit, including summarized ten step guide for beginners (launch your start-up), investors list and contacts (angel and venture, 80+ investors with websites, 50 emails and submit links), incubators & accelerators list etc.
  2. Find e-mail address from almost any investor/businessmen in 5-20 minutes. These tips allowed us to reach out to many successful people.
  3. Templates for different startup documents