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I will help you conquer your own world and solve a life problem


Hey guys,

Do you have problems in your life?

Do you repeatedly try to fix it with no success?

This used to happen to me…but within the last couple years I have developed a system for becoming the leader of your own life and getting what you want.

I am a Life Coach where I help guys reprogram their thoughts for success.

I will help you understand yourself and the world around you better.

I’ll also teach you mental and physical techniques that allow you to live in reality, and apply a systematic approach to personal development.

Here are some common things that I can help you with:


-Learning to become a leader

-Reducing negative emotions

-Living in reality and meditation

-Nutrition and Exercise

-Influencing others

-Figuring out what you want from life

-Setting up a productivity system to reach your goals

-Entrepreneurship and Networking

-Relationship issues (friendships or romantic)

-How to deal with conflicts with people (bad living situation, assholes at work, etc)

Love Fiverr already…got my first order and I’m hooked.

Please take a look because it’s how you can become the leader of your own life today.

PS. I don’t know why the URL didn’t change when I updated the the title…It got denied because I guess I had the word Skype in it. I’d love to do Skype consultations but it didn’t seem allowed for me yet. Thoughts?


Nice gig offer.


Nice gig! You seem like a life doctor :slight_smile: