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I will help you get your site Google AdSense approved for $5

Can’t get Google AdSense approved?

Are you sick of receiving those annoying “site does not comply with Google policies” messages?

Well I can help you then!

I can take a look at your site/blog and pinpoint the key areas which you need to improve and fix ranging from:

Gglebot Access: All CSS and javascript files seem visible to Gglebot!

Mobile Devices: Pages display well on mobile devices!

Site is secure:  Site defaults to HTTPS for ALL traffic!

Accessibility: Site is reader friendly, HTML is valid!

Page Speed: Site loads optimally!

Robots.txt: Making sure it exists on the server!

Image alt text: Checking that they all have it!

Sitemaps: For both Ggle & users!

If-Modified-Since: Making sure your web server correctly supports it!

Valid HTML: Checking all HTML is Valid!

Well Formed Links: Page has well formed static links!
  • Note the basic gig only covers me telling you what needs fixing/improving, for further support and links/URLS to help you please purchase my other gigs!

Please SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE FIRST! With the URL/link to your site/blog, if you don’t do this first I won’t do the gig!

Check my gig description for prices and a complete list of services offered!