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I will help you make money online - In 24 hours!

Hello all! :slight_smile:

Do you have a website? Perhaps a blog? Do you want to make money with it on autopilot (No work needed from your part once all is ready)?

I’m sure you have heard of AdSense. Basically with it you can include banners on your pages, and when people click on them, you get money, usually between $1 to $4.

Most people struggle at getting visitors that find them interesting, but with my Super Targeted Visitors Gig, I can send people that match the niches that your banners are showing perfectly. Because of this, there will be guaranteed clicks!

Some of my long term customers are making about $1000-2000 per month, while spending only $100-500 on the traffic.

And here’s a snapshot of one of my own accounts from last year. I have used this same traffic myself for over 2 years now in 20 different websites.

All of these visitors are real people, everyone is unique and there are no incentives, so you will not be breaking terms of use. :slight_smile: Thousands of buyers, zero bans. If you want proof, click on a gig and see what other people think about my gigs!

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★★ Don’t have a website but still want to make money? ★★

No problem!

  1. Google for high paying adsense niches and choose a niche/subject you like.
  2. Google for blogger, and create a free blogger blog. It takes a few minutes only.
  3. Now you have a blog! If you don’t know a thing about the niche you chose, perhaps browse around fiverr and look for someone selling articles. Post at least 3-5 articles on your blog, related to the niche.
  4. Now your blog is done, and it’s time to include adsense banners! Go to your blog’s settings and choose Earnings. On this page you can apply for an adsense account. If you apply through blogger, and your blog has approx. 5 articles, your account gets approved usually instantly, but within 48 hours.
  5. If you can’t get one approved for some reason, there’s sellers here on fiverr that sell approved accounts.
  6. Now it’s time to get traffic for your site, and make money! Simply grab one of my Super Targeted gigs and provide me with your blog’s address and niche, and I will send you visitors that will find your articles and banners interesting.

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Hi, I have adsense accounts but not able to generate any income from Adsense for using it to my orphanage home. I have bought various gigs and tried but no use. Please guide and help me to make online. My blogs are - and

Satish (India)

I can not reach to you