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I will help you pitch to Shark Tank investors!

Do you have a great idea, startup or a business? Do you need investors? Do you want to pitch to sharks?

I advised many entrepreneurs, startups and companies, including award winning fashion brands and media outlets. My work gave me the opportunity to reach out to many successful entrepreneurs, including names like Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki and Mark Cuban.

I will show you how to pitch to three Sharks, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner & Barbara Corcoran, I will show you how to schedule a meeting with Daymond John and Kevin Harrington. Plus I will send you investors contact list, including 80+ investors with websites, 50 emails & submit links.

I will also send you a startup kit including:

• 10 steps guide (how to develop and launch a start-up, how to validate your vision, test your idea, where to find co-founders, how to create mockups etc.)

• Start-up incubators/accelerators list and information

• Templates for documents, including executive summary and founders’ agreement