I will help you promote your fiverr gig using twitter http://bit.ly/1NoUjTu



We are currently working on a tool that allows you to identify people on twitter who might be potentially interested in purchasing your gigs. We then visualize the relationships between those people allowing you to target the most influential ones.

We are currently in beta testing and are offering every fiverr member to promote their gig for 5$ in order to collect sufficient data and feedback.

The order includes:

  1. Scan of the whole twitter databse based on keywords and phrases that are relevant for your gig
  2. Identification of potential users that might be interested in purchasing your service
  3. Visualization of the relationships between potential buyers showing how they appear to be connected to one another, allowing us to identify the most influential ones.
  4. Following / Tweeting a selected number of prospects with an offer to purchase the gig
  5. Gathering of feedback and sales tracking