I will help you protect your devices for $5


My computer just keeps moving slow and all of these warning pop-ups!

Well I am here to help. For 10 years I have optimized and protected computers. I had my current laptop for 5 years with not one problem.

This gig will come with a limited time offer if you buy within the next 72 hours. Here is the different package deals:

For only $5 I will help you within 24 hours, help you with either virus protection, cleaning your PC, keeping it optimized, how to help your phone battery life, how to speed up your phone, or how to protect your phone. All over email only. 24 Hours of help!

For $10 Dollars I can offer you two of the above choices and through email within 24 hours. 72 Hours of help!

For $15 I can offer you 3 of the above and through email and or phone within 24 hours. 5 days of help!

Then the limited time offer for $20 with everything listed above, within 24 hours and over telephone or email. A week of help!

If you need the help right a way due to any device viruses or speed problems I am willing to charge only $5 dollars extra and on Friday-Sunday the emergency price is free.

This is my offer to you! Limited time only!