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I will help you reach a milestone on YouTube

I am new on fiver.But i have been freelancing outside and i have lot of happy customers.I will gain you 1000 plus subscribers for youtube for low budget.Are there any YouTubers here😉
Then drop a message to me :

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Very nice service. Keep it up :+1:

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Wow :scream::scream:
It’s pleasure to hear🤪
Keep it up😇
Wish you the best of luck🤩

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Sorry to inform you but it is just matter of time when Fiverr is going to delete your GIG, or maybe account.

Read this: Gig got denied for second time

I had a account a week back and i got so many orders and i got restricted due to the same reason.I made 200$ within a week in that account and i was going to be level one.Why do fiver do this,they have a category called digital marketing and they ban every gig digital marketers do.

how would i know the results were organic and you don’t just use bots or thousands of sock accounts or whathavyou?

if i understand right, you can promote my channel, you just can’t promise x amount of views or subscribers and wotnot

that linked thread is a sad story…

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I don’t use bots,I use only ads compaign and other promotional statergies to boost your channel and also i dont guarantee any number of subscribers.Message me in my profile to discuss more.We can promote your channel😊

Yet on your original post you claim to get a buyer 1000+ subscribers.

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they seem to have taken the good advice and edited their gig though

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I was just trying to compete with my competitors.They have given description with x amounts of subscribers.But i have removed them now because otherwise i will get warning from fiver :blush:

Yes brother i have edited my gig as you all told :blush: