I will help you to promote your gig for free - first five only


I have seen a lot of people on Fiverr who have been worried that they are not getting enough sales and have been struggling to promote their services, so as a marketing expert I have decided to help five sellers.

What I will do, is look at your gig, send you an interview about the service that you are offering, and once you have filled in the interview, I will then distribute it as a press release via PRBUZZ. This will increase exposure, and allow anyone who is looking for interviews to post the interview.

I will also tweet about your service a few times to over 120,000 followers.

This free offer is available to new members who are struggling to gain orders. I am only offering this to the first five sellers. I will be offering this service for a limited time only to anyone else who wants this service by visiting here and ordering the basic gig. https://www.fiverr.com/in2town/submit-your-press-release-to-5-sites-can-include-pr-buzz-express-service

To be one of the first five, you need to contact me, send me the gig you would like the interview on, and let me know why you think I should choose you.


m late too :frowning:


brother m at 6th… but m late… if any chance for me then plz… I’m very thankful to u


I was the 5th!

lucky too

thank you very much!

My gig


:)) :)) :))

best reagrds,



Just what I needed https://fiverr.com/careerplus


i will be glad if you can help me. am a new seller though have been on fiverr since June last year but i make sure firstly gets some training before i created my gig earlier this year but i haven’t gets any sale



Yes I’m here help me :slight_smile:



Osman shahbaz


here is Mine : Fiverr.com/ParsDes

Thank you



i’m new member


Thank you


Is it too late?

I’m really good at what i do. (as said by my customers)



Please help me . i’m Responsive web designer/web designer .



I’m 2nd but still waiting for help…


Osman shahbaz


I’m new on fiverr, have a look at my gig:


sad to know that i am late… :frowning:


I would be glad if you would help :slight_smile: https://www.fiverr.com/angelicrealms#


Hi guys. This has now finished, but due to the number of people who have contacted me, I am going to do two more. I have already chosen one, I will be choosing another seller later.


LOL You are going to be a busy busy person real soon.


Reply to @ardicus:

Did they ever show those deodorant commercials where you live, where, after the guy sprays it, hoards of women chase him down frantically.

I can imagine that happening here. :stuck_out_tongue:



Reply to @sara1984:

Yes Axe Body spray lol. HAHAHAH! Though I can testify it doesn’t do as the commercial states I tried downtown… But then I’m married so I don’t care :smiley:


Hi guys, we have now chosen the second person. Please note, the offer was open for new sellers and not level 2 sellers.