I Will Help You To Solve Computer Problems




Hello sureshverma696!
Please give me more details, your operating system, your laptop reference; help more to identify your problem.


Well, I can tell you that wireless problems are common on laptops specially those are running with win7 and win8. I advise you this:

1- Uninstall your current driver, download and setup a new release from hp official website.
2- Check for any recently installed software that caused you this issue.
3- Probably you have a wireless module defect which is a very are case.

Note: if those steps didn’t solve the problem I will take a look on your computer via team viewer for free and try to figure out the origin of this problem.


You are welcome!
If you need anything just let me know.


If you need any computer help, just reply in this topic I will figure out your problem and try to provide you the solution. Kind regards.