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I will help you with accounting text books and cs notes for $5


Do you need Accounting text books?

Do you need computer science notes?

I am a under graduate student.I have PDF notes and PDF Text books.

If you need just order me.

Leave me a message !

Thank you


Welcome to Fiverr!

Just so you are aware, many textbook companies regard copying/distributing copies of their textbooks to be illegal without purchasing additional licensing. While I’m not sure what Fiverr’s rules are on this, you may want to double check to see if redistributing copies of your textbook is legal before allowing someone to purchase that gig. While offering copies of your notes should be perfectly fine, textbooks are published property and may have different legal barriers.

Good luck to you!


Thank you dear!

They all have designed by our lecture,notes are also .So does not matter.He have not even mentioned his name too :slight_smile: