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I will implement your Projects on Arduino for $5


I am an Engineer by profession. I am working on software engineering field. I also work on Web Page Design.

Here, I will work for your Arduino project. I will implement any kinds of projects in this field.

If you think to make a product for sale, Arduino is not the best way. Because of the cost. That’s why I also work on AVR microcontroller chip. It’s a very low cost chip. So, if you want to make production, I will still help you.

I will take extra charge for AVR microcontroller project.



I have small project in class .I plan to build control home system in order to control 4 or 5 functions in a home ( TV, AC, Light, Modem and Fan) using Arduino processor , and connect them to mobile phone (Android).

not real project but prototype.

I bought Sunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano from amazon and I need your help to finish it.

I hope you help me.

Are these kits enough to complete this prototype or not.

Bless you