I will improve the reliability and speed of all outgoing emails of your site adding Mandrill app



Sometimes when you are using an email script that sends email from your site (contact forms , autoresponders when a visitor sign up etc) the email is not delivered or goes to spam folder.

To ensure that the email is reliable and it will be send succesful there is a useful API named Mandrill provided by mailchimp.

Mandrill is a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service, with all the marketing-friendly analytics tools you need

So in conclusion with Mandrill you can have the following

  1. Faster email delivery
  2. Email will not send to spam folder (mandrill is trusted from most email providers)
  3. Analytics and reports of all delivered and undelivered messages
  4. 12,000 free email sends per month

    I can Create a mandrill account for you and i will add Mandrill API to any email script of your site

    Here is the gig link if you are interested :slight_smile:


    Thank you for your time