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I will increase speed and performance of your Wordpress website for $5


Recently I posted a GIG with tons of features for WordPress site speed optimization. If any one is interested then please place an order soon. Because I will increase the price after some days. Now I will accept first 50 orders at $5 USD.

GIG link:

  • How fast is your website?
  • Do you know how website load time affects ranking?
  • Still thinking about the speed of your homepage?

    What is Page Speed?

    Page speed= Page load duration + Browser Request time

    What happens if you don’t optimize your website?
  • A large number of users don’t revisit slow sites.
  • Slow sites lose search rankings.
  • Search engines robots ignores slow sites.

    In this GIG what I will offer to you:

    ✓ Homepage optimization to load quickly

    ✓ Database Optimization

    ✓ Image Optimization without losing the quality.

    ✓ GZIP Compression

    ✓ Html, CSS, JavaScript minification & Combination

    ✓ Referencing CSS and JavaScript files

    ✓ CSS asynchronous tweaks

    ✓ CSS delivery optimization

    ✓ Reducing HTTP Requests

    ✓ Cleaning up the Code

    ✓ Reducing server response time

    ✓ Setting up leverage browser caching

    ✓ Improving user experiences

    ✓ Content caching environment setup

    ✓ Implementing Google JS for increasing page speed

    ✓ Configuring tags.

    ✓ Remove query strings from static resource

    After optimization your website will be 10 times faster.

    Looking forward to hear from you.