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I Will Install WordPress Manually On HostGator For $5


Why Choose Me:

:heavy_check_mark: I am a WordPress developer with more than 11 years of experience. I specialize in anything WordPress, from WordPress Installation, full site setup and theme customization to minor tweaks.

:heavy_check_mark: I work with WordPress every day and am fully up to date with the latest in functionality, responsiveness and design trends. I am fully experienced in all aspects of a WordPress installation.

:heavy_check_mark: I Am A Friendly Person and Customer Service will ALWAYS come first. I am like you in believing that I deserve to be treated with respect by anyone. Before hiring someone to perform a service, or when buying a specific product, I always look for the kind of business I can have a conversation with. Send me a message and I’d love to chat about a WordPress Installation & Setup. From there, you’ll get an understanding of the level of support I vow to deliver.

What’s I will Provide:

:heavy_check_mark:Database creation.
:heavy_check_mark:Install WordPress.
:heavy_check_mark:Install theme and plugins of your choice.
:heavy_check_mark:Unlimited revision.

My WordPress installation prices starts at $5. Please click on my fiverr’s link below if you want me to help you install WordPress on your hosting:


Did you know that Hostgator hosting support offers the WordPress Installation service for free before creating your gig?


@jdpremium The difference between my WordPress installation and HostGotor’s installation is that I am offering a manual WordPress installation. While HostGator offers a 1-click automatic WordPress installation…There is a big difference between a manual WordPress install and a 1-click automatic WordPress installation

Fiverr’s ready made Wordpress installation pricing table offers more features than HostGator’s Free WordPress Installation service …Fiverr would not create a WordPress installation pricing table if Manual WordPress installation was not profitable


LMAO :joy: :joy: :joy: OH GOD!


LMAO :joy: :joy: :joy: OH GOD!


I’m curious why any kind of comment/criticism immediately leads to a personal attack. That seems like a pretty big leap.

I mean, I’m sure you have other skills that the free installation thing doesn’t provide. Maybe you could bring those up without attacking people :slight_smile:


I’ve seen you on here giving people the third degree about “you need to learn how to respect people” sounds familiar? Well, the same thing applies here. JD wasn’t being vindictive or anything JD was just trying to bring something important to your attention.

Also, was it necessary to copy @jdpremium post?


@somaginer1996 and @nikavoice If JD understood the main features listed on the pricing table of my gig he would have seen the main difference between manual WordPress install and HostGator’s 1-click WordPress automatic install…

Like I said in my previous Fiverr’s ready made WordPress Install pricing table has more features than HostGator’s 1-click WordPress automatic install …Which makes sellers of WordPress installation service on fiverr better than HostGator’s 1-click WordPress automatic WordPress install. Fiverr won’t offer any wordPress installation if it was not profitable for fiverr… …Its not rocket science


Thanks for explaining that! See, you can do that without overtly personal jabs and remarks, and it’s much more pleasant for all involved. It still doesn’t really excuse the earlier completely unwarranted insults that you hurled at poor JD though.

I’m mostly concerned that future potential clients will stumble on the forum and see comments like these and wonder about how patient you’ll be with them if they don’t understand the differences between a free installation service and yours. It kind of calls your professionalism into question if you respond with hostility.


I’m not an expert in your field, so I wouldn’t know the fine details. Besides, I’m sure you’re experienced and highly qualified. But, my concern was your reaction to JD’s post that’s what took me off guard. You seem like you’re very passionate about your work. However, being on a global forum you will not always agree with other users POV, but you can beg to differ in a respectful way.


I actually didn’t flag your comment, believe it or not. I do agree that it was inappropriate and uncalled for, though.

You say it better than I can–respect is important. Just because someone disagrees with you or asks a question that seems to contradict you doesn’t mean they’re out to get you. You don’t need to respond with an overly personal insult, especially when you don’t have any way of verifying that it is true.


Okay and thanks…


You’re welcome. Keep calm and stay chill :sunglasses:

(Unrelated side note: you don’t have to quote the whole thing you’re agreeing with when you agree. You can just respond to the person directly so they know you’re talking to them.)


@somaginer1996 Okay…


Just so you know it takes more than 2 community users to get a post flagged and hidden.
Anyway, I’m off to watch a :tv: movie. Have a great evening/night! :slightly_smiling_face: :peace_symbol:


Off to a great start with this one…

I am an expert in the field, and the only advantage you have against the HostGator 1-click is the theme and plugin installation.

Unless you are offering some higher security features like databases/users that don’t start with “wp_” or renaming the wp-admin/wp-login page, etc. If that’s the case, then kudos!

I run into the same dilemma with my G Suite gig, people say, “well G Suite just walks me through the setup and tells me exactly what to do.” True, this will get your email working. But will it keep your domain from being used to send spam? Nope. Will it ensure your emails don’t end up in someone’s spam folder? Nope. Will it provide you with a 20% discount for the first year? Nope. That’s where I provide value to my clients.


@abauer5188 you’re a smart man…


Hope my ideas helped you out…


I gave people a clue/hint of how fiverr’s wordpress installation out featured/out competed HostGator 1-click WordPress installation because I wanted them to visit my gig so that they can compare fiverr’s WordPress installation features with hostGator one click automatic WordPress install all by themselves since they are going to be the buyers of my service…

But you were the only one that compared fiverr’s wordpress installation features with HostGator’s one click automatic WordPress install features because you’re a smart man


And the rest of us are dummies :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside, most people who are often active on the forum are sellers (although some are buyers as well) whose expertise is not Wordpress.

I think you might want to be a tiny bit careful about how your words can come off to potential clients who are not Wordpress experts. Not that we’re necessarily going to be your clients, but this is a public forum. Some people might not comment, but they can see what you’re saying.

You’re probably going to have to make those comparisons for your clients, not because they’re not smart, but because their expertise is elsewhere.